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 I create sculpture in a variety of ways depending on the subject. One of the more unique applications is the use of a paper-mache/resin tecnique that I discovered some years ago. I am able to construct large pieces that are light weight but yet extremely tough and durable either indoor or outdoor. The sculpture of Kinky Friedman was constructed in this way.

 I also make sculpture from clay, create a mold and cast the work in plaster, urethane or other resins .By using the mold method, I am able to duplicate the work and at the same time make it a one-of-a-kind work of art by painting a different theme, pattern, etc. 

 In addition to the traditional ways of making sculpture, I also use a free form method using found objects, such as wood, metal, junk, glass, bones and anything else necessary to "make a statement".


 If you find something interesting on this site and would like to know more about it, additional photos are available. The items that are priced do not include the cost of shipping as that will vary according to size,  weight and  destination, etc.

" Ol' Dad" favorite pastime

"Big Red"

Sculpture/wall hanging


Man with his head in the sand...know anybody like this?



"Faux Marble Head"

Sculpture end table

"Google Eyes"

Welded metal sculpture

"Green Woman"

Altered mannequin art

"Headless Gargoyle"

Gargoyle sculpture

"I Love Paint"

Wall hanging sculpture

"Kinky Friedman Bobble Head"

Life size caricature of the Kinkster

"Ol' Dad 2 favorite pastime

"One Up/One Down"

I laughed so hard,I scared myself

"Rebar Man"

Metal sculpture

"The Dreamer"

Cast clay sculpture

"Twisted Sisters"

Metal art sculpture

Baby Bump

junk art sculpture

Big Gun

gun sculpture


Life size sculpture (on Utube)

Catman Sculpture

Hey,you got a cat on your head


Gargoyle,protector of the house

Cow Skull with Roses

Found art sculpture


metal art

Didgeridoo Man

blow man,blow

Eyeball Kid

paper-mache sculpture


character floor lamp

Hey,Funny Face

Face sculptures

I Love Cigars

Cigar Sculpture

Little Mike

Caricature sculpture

Little Mike #2

Caricature Sculpture

Mr Seegar

character floor lamp

O Glorious Morning

...that first cup-a- coffee!

Purple Dragon 2

Dragon close up

Side View

faux marble table

The Big Revolver

Independence Firearms

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